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Kettler Tandem Insert for Kettler Tricycles

Kettler Tandem Insert for Kettler Tricycles is one of the most popular products on Amazon. Therefore, I can say that "it's good and worth your money". Alright, this is some information I can find for you.

Kettler Tandem Insert for Kettler Tricycles

  • Modular tandem insert for Kettler S-frame tricycles
  • Turns Kettler tricycle into stretch trike (up to 4 riders)
  • Innovative Quick-Adjust knob for quick, secure assembly
  • High-impact resin bucket seat for maximum comfort
  • Includes handlebars and footrests; 3-year warranty

There is some information from the distributor to specify this product.

The Kettler® tandem insert accessory is design to fit any Kettler® S-frame tricycle to turn it into a "stretch trike". The innovative spring knob allows for quick and secure assembly.
Ideal for multi-kid families or children who love to ride with friends, the Kettler tandem insert turns your single Kettler tricycle into a tricycle built for two (or three or four). The insert's modular build fits any S-frame Kettler trike, and is custom designed for expansion. In other words, you can buy two or three inserts and turn your child's trike into a stretch tricycle. The insert's innovative Quick-Adjust knob makes installation quick, easy, and secure, while the spacious high-impact resin bucket seat is comfortable and form fitting. As a final detail, each insert includes an extra pair of handlebars and footrests. The tandem insert is also backed by a three-year warranty.

Here it is, some specification for Kettler Tandem Insert for Kettler Tricycles.
  • Amazon Maximum Age : 48 months
  • Amazon Minimum Age : 18 months
  • Batteries Included : 0
  • Binding : Sports
  • Color : null
  • Label : Kettler
  • Manufacturer : Kettler
  • Manufacturer Maximum Age : 60 months
  • Manufacturer Minimum Age : 12 months
  • Model : 8136-500
  • Number Of Items : 1
  • Publisher : Kettler
  • Studio : Kettler
  • Variation Description : null
  • Click here to view more description

Here it is, some specification for Kettler Tandem Insert for Kettler Tricycles.

We bought this insert to go on an Air Navigator. As other reviewers have mentioned, not all Kettler trikes can use this insert. Check with the manufacturer's site, e.g., to be sure.

My one complaint with this product is that it is too short. This insert connects between your existing seat and your existing handlebars, so the red seat pictured here becomes the front seat. The trouble is that the insert, when positioned for maximum leg length of the pedaler, is at a shorter distance then when the trike without the insert is set up for maximum leg length.

So imagine your older child, who needs to be in front because he/she can pedal, and the younger is in back. It makes sense that the older child needs more leg room, so you would expect at least that the insert should give you the same maximum leg length to the front rider as the trike normally does when you remove the insert. Sadly this is not the case. Maybe it sets up differently on other Kettrikes, but on the Air Navigator, this is how it is. I think this is a most unfortunate design flaw.

That said, it is not a show-stopper. There is still enough room to pedal, but it is obviously suboptimal. The kids love it.
If you know which trikes can be used for this attachment please list all of them.

I'm purchasing this item and a tricycle for Nephew and Niece and haven't a clue.

I would appreciate an answer asap as it looks like it will be a while before I

can receive them. Thanks a lot in advance.
Today is December 7 2006, and I just received the THIRD "delay" notice from my order for this on October 19th 2006. Each delay notice has pushed back the delivery date several weeks/a month or so. I have already contacted customer service - and though they've "upgraded" my shipping to a shorter time between them getting it and the delivery, it's still not coming till long after Christmas. If you'd like to get this by Christmas, please don't buy it here - I'm still looking for another place to order this so it will arrive by Christmas. The most recent delay notice that I received notified me that the delivery date estimate is now between January 10th and 26th. The actual Kettler Tricycle and seatbelt have arrived, though, so if you'd still like to order those from here, they may be actually available.... Hopefully, this little notice will save somebody a headache or two. :)
This is a helpful attachment. We have the happy navigator trike with a push bar & seat belt and added this insert to accommodate our two boys, 4 and 2 y/o.

Easily installed in minutes, just screws in place, this is a solid piece of equipment that allows my kids to take a neighborhood walk/ride together. The front passenger is the pedaler, while the rear passenger is just along for the ride. Good for the younger kids that may not be able to pedal yet. With the added pushbar, I have more control over hills, braking, and giving an extra push if the pedaling becomes too tough for my oldest. I also installed a seat belt on my trike for the benefit of my youngest. That way he's not trying to pop off while we are all in motion.

Your front passenger should be capable of steering well; because once you've added this tandem seat, trying to steer using the push bar becomes a little difficult. Typically with a one seater and the push bar, you can pop a wheelie to help steer, but with two seats and a pushbar, popping a wheelie will not work as well. My pushbar now has a nice bend in it from doing this.

Happily, my 4 y/o is now steering well, and we are enjoying this tandem trike seat immensely. "Look, Mom! I'm a good driver!"
I have 2 kids so I decided to order the tandem seat. It was easy to add on to the Kettler Jumbo Tricycle. As soon as I ordered and payed for it the item came within a 5 day period. If you have more than one kids than I would suggest you look into this. You can add up to 4 seats.

I hope you may be interested in these items as well.

Thanks zemaserver for helping us looking for this information.

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